My adventure to Phuket

There's no other place on earth that I might consider as 'paradise' other than Thailand, Phuket. I have not long ago embarked on a year long break from life. Of all the few destinations that I have visited, nothing left greater feeling than Phuket. 

If you ask me what is it specifically that makes Phuket so wonderful, I can't be certain. People. Scenery. Culinary. Weather. A mix of all is what probably causes it to be so unique. 

Almost ten years following the enormous catastropic tsunami that happened way back in 2006, you can see that whilst the world has largely forgotten about it, it is not so with all the people in Phuket. In the way I see it, pictures from that tragedy continue to be vivid in the minds of the residents. Nontheless, lives had to go on and that's what happened with the people there. 

I've captured few great photos when I was there and listed below are a few of them. I am sure it's going to give you a glimpse of the last few remaining paradise on the planet.